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Hello I'm

I live in Somerset, UK and this is my lovely website.

I am currently going on adventures around the UK. I am very excited to share all of my adventure story books and music with you.  

I love sharing my ginger biscuits, waving my flag, dancing and posing for photo's

To say thank you for being my friend, I would like to give you a special present.

I have written some songs for you to keep and they can all be found on this website so get someone to help you get them.

Exciting News!  Check out my What's on Page.  I have a brand new adventure book launch later this year. 


As well as another book launch scheduled for Easter 2023

See you soon

Lots of love Theo xx

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Theo swimsuit.png
Theo bobble hat .png
Theo and pencils clear background.tiff
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