Activities = lots of fun!

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Hello, I have put some fun things on this page for you to do.
Lots of Love Theo xx

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Post your Entries to:
Dawn Bosley Publishing
South Wood House, 26 Beech Road, Shipham, Winscombe, Somerset BS25 1SB

Or you can scan and email your entry to:
or email

Tell us:
1. Put your name
2. Your Age
3. Your Contact details
4. Which book do you want to win.

The winning entry will be announced here on the
10th June 2022. 



Click the white buttons to download the activity pages

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Activity Page 3
Yummy Yummy
Here is my favorite Ginger Biscuit Recipe

Hello I am Elizabeth

Activity Page 4
You can colour in my house 

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This is how a canal boat travels using lock gates
to climb up and down hills.

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Here is The Queen's Crown to colour in

Are you ready to play my Guess Who Game?

This is fun!  How many times can you spot me popping out of the Balloon. It will play in a loop and you can make the screen bigger.


Ask someone or your school to help you to 
email me.  

1. Which one of my books is your favourite and why?
2. Who is your favourite character?
3. What is your favourite animal or bird?
4. Where else shall I go on an adventure?
5. Ask me a question

Or just write to me and say hello. 

I will write back to you soon.

Love Theo xx


Online Class

I would love to hear from you!

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This is where I have been to
so far!

Hello im Sid!

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Hello I am Doris

Hello I am Harry

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Hello I am Boris


Hello I am Cecil