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Series 3 -    Book 1

SERIES 3Book 1 
My Adventure on The West Somerset Railway 

Featuring - Minehead Station.

Published: 22/03/2023
ISBN: 9781919624242

Theo arrives at the Minehead Station.  This is Book 1 from a of series 3.  A brand new series featuring stations on the West Somerset Railway.  

The book features a few of the wonderful real-life volunteers that work at the station looking after these lovely trains.

A relate-able book showing traditional values and encouraging children to consider others, share, make new friends and not to be afraid to ask questions to learn new things.


This is not just a short story book; 

  • Find hidden characters in the pages

  • Quick Quiz

  • Free sing along song 

West Somerset Railway Book 1 Series 3 Song Lyrics


Theo is on his next adventure

as he arrives at Minehead Station

on the West Somerset Railway


Verse 1

Theo arrives

at Minehead station

It’s just by the sea


Verse 2

Steam trains

Diesel trains

Just for you 

and me


Verse 3

Minehead station

has fun 

for everyone


Verse 4

Steam trains

diesel trains

with lots to 

do and see



Lick your ice-cream

Eat fish and chips

Blow a whistle

Find Kipper the Cat

Verse 5

Buzz is welding 

Will makes nuts and bolts

Richard’s in the firebox

Mike shovels the coal 


Verse 6

Come and see the turntable

turning the trains

It's like magic

as they face 

the other way

Repeat once more.....

This Music is free to download as an MP3 or stream from platforms such as Spotify etc.   
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