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Welcome to our brand new page!
We get lots and lots of lovely comments and feedback in passing everyday.  
So we would be delighted if you would spare a few moments to send us your testimonials in writing, by using this form.  Your kind support will allow us to grow and would play a key part in helping us promote our books to future generations.
Hopefully with your permission your lovely comments will appear on this page.  

Children's messages are very welcome and we will place them on here too. 
only first names and country will be used on all messages received)
Thank you for your kind support
Theo and Dawn xx 


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Sealed with Love

"Dear Dawn,  Your books are amazing and everyone I show can't believe you did all the drawings as well.   It must have taken you hours to draw them.  Book 4 My Adventure to the City is incredible and in particular your drawing of the Royal Albert Hall, well I am very impressed.   I look forward to seeing you in London and getting hold of the Wells Book.  Good luck at the London Book Fair.   Best Wishes  Jessica, London."

Thank you

Love Theo & Dawn

theo and town crier.JPG
Sealed with Love

"Dawn, Many thanks for the wonderful book, it was causing a lot of interest in the City this morning, a lot of people will be buying it I am sure.  Many Thanks Len The Wells Town Crier"

Thank you

Love Theo & Dawn xx

Local Press Cutting

A Somerset Children's Author has set her new book in Wells.


Dawn Bosley, who lives in Shipham, started writing books during lockdown. Initially the stories were just for her grandchildren, but Dawn decided to offer them to a wider audience and published them. 

Now she has just completed her seventh title in a series chronicling the adventures of the Theo, the yellow bird. And this one is set in the city. 
Dawn said, “Wells is such a beautiful city.  I love taking my grandchildren to Wells because there are so many things to see and do. I hope that by taking them to Wells and showing them how lovely it is, in the future they will bring their children and grandchildren there too.”

Theo The Yellow Bird – My Adventure To Wells, Somerset features Wells landmarks such the Cathedral, the Bishop’s Palace and the Mary Rand Jump. And it also has a special starring appearance by Town Crier Len Sweales, who Dawn said was “chuffed” to be immortalised in print.
Not only does Dawn write the books, but also illustrates them herself. And she also writes songs to accompany the tales which can all be found online and listened to for free.

Theo The Yellow Bird – My Adventure To Wells, Somerset will be officially launched at a special event at Wells Library on April 12. 
Dawn will be doing a reading, and also signing copies. Theo himself will be in attendance too, as well as Town Crier Len, and there may also be some music and percussion.
The event is free, but spaces are limited. To book your place email

The book will be available to buy online and from Wells Tourist Information, and Wells Library will have copies to borrow.

Interview and Article by Emma Dance

Thank you to the Wells, Tourist Board for all your awesome support and for stocking our books for sale in your amazing gift shop. 
Love Theo & Dawn xx
Sealed with Love

"Dawn deserves success. She puts her heart & soul into her projects & is good at what she does. Very approachable lovely lady." 

Dale, Wells

Sealed with Love
Thank you to Dominique and children from Belgium for your permission to share this email and photo and for your really lovely feed back and kind comments.  
Love Theo & Dawn xx

"I'm Dominique, I bought a book of "Theo The Little Bird" at the Writer's Summit in London. I hope you and your husband are well...


I am coming back to you as promised, about Theo's adventures in Somerset…

I told and translated the story to my three children a few days ago. I have been busy since the conference...


Aurore (which means "dawn" in French), aged 4, preferred the hide-and-seek of the dog and cat, and the scene of the race in the moat. She enjoyed dancing to your song ("flap your wings...").


Emeline, aged 9, preferred the hide-and-seek and the wedding scene. She also liked the details of the drawing, such as the cathedral.

Augustin, aged 10, preferred the race in the moat.

All three children said they liked everything about your story.

And me? I think your voice is very soft, which makes the song all the more beautiful. I like the idea of the hide-and-seek associated with a narrative work. The QR-code idea is great: combining a classic medium with digital (and I saw that the QR-code stage interested my elders).  I really like the characters of Theo, Morris and Len. I find the mix of detailed drawings (for example the moat wall) and simplified drawings (Theo) interesting. I think the colours are very nice.


Finally, your website is perfect.

Moreover, reading your book to my children was an opportunity to give them a little English lesson!"

Dominque, Belgium


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